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Electronics Company, Home Appliance manufacturer, Publishers.


Virtually showcase all features of the new product as customer was consulted in person by the stuff.


With pandemic stopping customers from visiting offline stores, Letsee technology delivers a solution that lets you showcase your product as it is in 3D. Interactive buttons, 360° rotation displaying from outside and inside, narration to explain the product features and even smart technology description.


Company is negotiating to open an AR Marketplace.

Content Details

New fridge model appears as it is in 3D, includes interactive buttons and audio narration explaining the new product.

Zoom in to check every detail by clicking on the interactive buttons: built-in water dispenser dropping the ice cubes accompanied with the relevant sounds.

Tap to the fridge door to open it and see what’s inside.

Learn about the technology that makes new fridge smart, innovative and energy efficient.

Contents Type

3D, Audio, Video

Marker Type

Doesn’t require tracker


Web AR Demo Experience

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1. Scan the following QR code to access the detected link.

2. If camera and device access permissions are required, please grant permission.

3. Point the camera at the image to be recognized and the demo content will start.