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Automotive company


Showcase newly launched cars in all available designs almost as customers have visited car salon


Frictionless WebAR experience where users can choose and customise car models, check special features, interact with lights and learn about new safety technology.

Customised car can be brought to the personal space in real size and viewed from outside and inside

Content Details

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Customise car by choosing from different exterior colours and interior design

casper image

Bring customised car to your own space in real size, rotate and move or walk around for to check more details

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Shift between analogue world and Virtual Reality through your smartphone browser with Letsee WebAR technology


Walk “inside” the AR car to see the interior details

Letsee Casper Demo

Web AR Demo Experience

casper demo qrcode
  1. 1. Scan the following QR code to access the detected link.
  2. 2. If camera and device access permissions are required, please grant permission.
  3. 3. Point the camera at the image to be recognized and the demo content will start.