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The Last Supper


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One of the most influential works of art hides many secret facts and details that explained and brought to users with the help of Letsee WebAR tech. Click on any of 12 disciples to find out who is who. Learn about the painting’s layout technique by finding the middle point. The Last Supper is also a musical score that can be seen and played.

Content Details


The Last Supper – by Leonardo Da Vinci. General introduction, background and facts You might not know about the Masterpiece.

12 Disciples

Who is who? Learn about all 12 disciples.

12 Disciples Details

Click on every character separately for details.

1% Secret

Interactive interface lets users find the physical location of the center – middle point of the painting.

Divine proportions

Incredible sense of perspective the work displays is highlighted with AR.

Musical Score

Musical notes incorporated in the painting can be seen via AR overlay.

Contents Type

2D, Audio, Video, interactions buttons

Marker Type

Image – the painting


Web AR Demo Experience

Demo Experience Instructions

1. Scan the following QR code to access the detected link.

2. If camera and device access permissions are required, please grant permission.

3. Point the camera at the image to be recognized and the demo content will start.

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최후의 만찬 그림

The Last Supper

(Leonardo da Vinci 1452~1519)