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AR Fantasy Tour & AR Game

Part of the Seoul city Metaverse project Letsee has developed AR Fantasy Tour and AR Game Apps

Apps cover Insadong Street – popular destination for both tourists and locals used to be the largest market for antiques and artwork in Korea.

Experience connects today’s modern reality and brings colourful scenes of the past shifting between realtime and the virtual world of historic architecture, people of that times and magical creatures.

Location sensitive AR Games and based on Korean traditional games. Users learn about ancient legends, while fighting monsters and protect the world from entering of the evil souls

Content Details

AR Fantasy Tour

Mixing modern buildings with previously existed architecture and fairy creature while real people and characters form the past walking Insadong street together

AR Game

Total of 4 AR games are hidden in different locations. Including defeating your enemy in 3 rounds with allTime classic Rock Paper Scissors or catching flying evil masks

Virtual landscapes

AR bringing mesmerising vibe of the ancient Insadong with historical landscapes. Tap on the “i” for more details on the main attractions, make a wish on a magic charm

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인사동길 내 증강현실 콘텐츠의 위치

메타버스 컨텐츠 위치 지도