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K-pop idol Subway Poster


Entertainment & Advertisement Agency.


Engage customers to purchase digital content via offline marketing campaign.


Poster in Seoul Subway station can only announce that K-pop band is releasing a new album, limited to displaying some images and text. With WebAR, by-passers get engaged with interactive content, unlimited images, music videos, and even receive a call for action, redirecting customers straight to the purchase page.

Content Details

Interactive AR menu offers access to unlimited contents including the direct link to purchase page.

Unlimited number of images from the New Album’s photoshoot.

Band’s new music video can be played straight from the screen.

Contents Type

2D, Audio, Video

Marker Type

QR Code – Poster in Subway station


Web AR Demo Experience

체험 qr코드

1. Scan the following QR code to access the detected link.

2. If camera and device access permissions are required, please grant permission.

3. Point the camera at the image to be recognized and the demo content will start.

체험 qr코드